One of the services that NHCOG provides is easy access to the best available town and regional data for our member towns.  If your town needs demographic, housing, or economic related data to assist you in planning or decision making, think of us as a resource.

On the “Reports” page you will find four data comparisons as examples of the kind of information we can prepare for you:

  1. Town Population Estimates 2010-2018 (U.S. Cenus and CT Dept. of Health)
  2. Labor Force and Unemployment by Town 2010-2018 (CT Dept. of Labor)
  3. Public School Enrollment by Town/School District 2010-2019 (CT Dept. of Education)
  4. Affordable Housing Units by Town 2018 (CT Dept. of Housing)

We compile and update this data on an annual basis so that you will have ready access to it when you need it.