Regional Housing Needs Assessment

NHCOG recently completed a housing needs assessment for our 21-town region. This includes town-by-town data on housing cost burdened households, current stock of affordable housing, home sales prices, access to ownership, and seasonal/weekend homes. It also includes a summary of what our towns are doing to address their housing needs and links to other housing data, webinars, and information. For a copy of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment slide presentation CLICK Here. For a copy of the report version of the Assessment CLICK HERE.

To see the NEW Short Film showing affordable housing in NWCT’s small towns: CLICK here.

Town Affordable Housing Plans

We are assisting nine of our member towns with the development of municipal affordable housing plans.  These plans are required by Section 8-30j of the Connecticut General Statutes.  The goal of the housing plan process is to undertake a proactive planning process and lay out a strategy for meeting the housing needs of existing and future residents and workers. Currently we are assisting the following towns:

To see answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about town housing plans and affordable housing, click here.

To view our recorded webinar series on housing in NWCT’s small towns, see the links below:

Northwestern Connecticut Regional Housing Council 

The COG provides staff support to the Northwestern Connecticut Regional Housing Council which has representatives from each interested member town.  The Housing Council is committed to the development of affordable, equal-opportunity housing in the towns it serves. The Council meets quarterly to share information between local housing organizations, learn about new housing resources, and hear guest speakers on topics of interest.

The website of the Regional Housing Council with photos of affordable housing in our region, stories of the people who need it, and links to the local housing organizations can be found here:

     2021 Meeting dates for the Housing Council will be:

  • February 9th, May 11th, September 14th, and November 9th at 9am via Zoom or at the NHCOG office.


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