We will hold our next “5th Thursdays” forum for local planning, zoning, and conservation commission members on August 30th at 6:30pm at the NHCOG office.  The special topics for this session will be “Sustainable CT & Solar, Wind, and Farm Regulations”.  Please RSVP. Details below:

Come hear about:
What is SustainableCT and what are the land use related tools
o Guest presenter: Jessica LeClair, Sustainable CT
o Examples of how towns in our region and across CT are integrating
sustainability into their Town Plans, streamlining permitting for small solar
installations, promoting low impact development, and pursuing other
sustainability initiatives
Regulating wind & solar
o How are our towns and other small towns regulating small and large solar
o Regulating wind turbines- what can we do?
Regulating farms
o How are our towns regulating “accessory” farm uses
Roundtable discussion– share any new(er) planning/zoning/conservation issue or
approach your commission is working on that you think other towns in the region
might be interested in.

Planning to come?! RSVP TODAY! (RSVP to: jayer@northwesthillscog.org)
*This session qualifies for CAZEO credit!