NHCOG is seeking a qualified consultant to conduct a trail alignment study for the proposed HouBike Trail from Kent,CT to Cornwall Bridge, CT. For the full request for proposals for this Study, click here.

There are several possibilities for moving the HouBike trail off of Rt. 7 on this 7.15 mile stretch between Kent and Cornwall Bridge village centers including:

  • public or non-profit owned land,
  • the unused space along both sides of the Housatonic Line railroad track owned by ConnDOT, or
  • the unused land next to Route 7 owned by ConnDOT as part of the Rt. 7 right of way.

During this alignment study the Consultant along with its study partners will meet with the organizations and entities that own/manage the land listed above and work with all of them to find an acceptable route for the HouBike Trail. A study of critical habitat areas within the study area is currently being conducted. The proposed route will also take care to avoid areas where the trail would have an impact on critical habitats.