The Northwest Hills Council of Governments


Please Review and Comment on Preliminary Water Supply Assessment Plan

The Northwest Hills Council of Governments attends the monthly meetings of the Western Water Utility Coordinating Committee (WUCC). For more information about the state’s WUCC process, check out the CT Department of Health website here. To review minutes and upcoming agendas, chRead more

Upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Days – October 15 (Kent residents – September 17)

Moving, cleaning, or just getting organized? You may have some legacy items in your garage, under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom cabinets that require special disposal.  A lot of household items (stains, nail polish remover, brake fluid, etc.) need special disposal. If you disposRead more

Draft Final Regional Transportation Plan Now Available

The NHCOG RTP Draft Final 8-2016 is now available for your review. If you have any comments, please let us know at 860-491-9884.Read more

September 14 Focus Group on HOUSING

Wednesday, September 14th is the next NWCT Regional Housing Council meeting. We will also be using this as a focus group forum on housing for our Regional Plan of Conservation & Development on “Addressing NWCT’s Housing Needs: Creating housing options that are affordabRead more

September 29th Focus Group on CLIMATE & ENERGY

Thursday, Sept. 29th at 6:30pm is our next 5th Thursday session for land use commissions. This will also be a focus group session for our Regional Plan of Conservation & Development on “Renewable Energy and Climate Change Adaptation in Northwest Connecticut”. Are you aRead more
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Northwest Hills Council of Governments

The NHCOG is a coordinating body for chief elected officials maintained by twenty-one municipalities in northwest Connecticut. NHCOG’s mission is to make Northwest Connecticut a better place to live, do business, and visit by providing a forum for local officials to discuss issues of inter-municipal concern, promote regional cooperation, and direct various regional initiatives to enhance government planning, efficiency and service delivery.